What’s YOUR Anti-Drug?

What’s YOUR Anti-Drug?

What makes a message “STICK” with students? – Make it PERSONAL!

Most people have something special in their lives – something important enough to stand between them and drugs.

THIS is their “Anti-Drug”

Link to KARE 11 News Feature – Aired January 15, 2012

If you would like more information about the ‘What’s YOUR Anti-Drug?’ photo campaign or to find out how to get a collage up of your students in your school district, please contact me via email at Kelly@KixPhoto.com or phone 612.961.7960

With so many important messages being relayed each day to our youth, what makes some “stick” while others do not? We’ve seen many messages over our lifetime, whether in a handout, pictures in a book or posters on the wall. With this campaign, what used to be generic posters on the wall become INSPIRATIONAL posters of the STUDENTS themselves. This project is about delivering a POSITIVE message and inspiring others to make HEALTHY CHOICES and find their “ANTI-DRUG”.W ho delivers the message? The students! Students (and faculty) we see everyday in class, on the football field, the basketball court, in school plays, writing music, performing in the band or choir, competing in science fairs, etc. The project becomes an ORIGINAL to each district or organization and their students. The project concept, photo sessions and school collage are talked about, shared via social media and hung on the walls of school. The message is delivered and shared over and over again.

Brochure: KiX Photo What’s YOUR Anti-Drug?

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